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Who are Technologists?*

A Technologist Thinks Strategy First


Before they start working with technology or put technology to work, technologists step back and plan.

A Technologist Solves Problems


Technologists don’t see problems as obstacles to avoid; they consider problems opportunities for solutions. Their innate curiosity leads them to confront challenges even when they are not obvious. And their willingness to take initiative drives them to explore ideas, options and scenarios as a means of identifying and designing constructive solutions.

A Technologist Sees Technology as a Tool


Technologists appreciate that, in the broadest sense, technology is a tool whose value is determined by its application for the benefit and assistance of people – whether in their personal or professional lives.

A Technologist Believes Tech is about Humans not Hardware


Technologists see gadgetry as solutions that serve people. No gadget has value unless it helps a customer, colleague, citizen, patient or any other type of person a technologist may encounter during a career. Technologists believe the measure of a job well done is the benefit the technology solution brings the people who experienced the problem.

Technologists Value Respect, Cooperation and Collaboration


Technologists maintain a positive, helpful disposition on the job and in relationships in or out of the workplace. They respect their employers’ codes of conduct, appreciate the contributions of colleagues and understand that going rogue isn’t the best way to analyze a problem, execute a strategy or implement a solution in a business context. This is the reason a technologist’s standards of behavior do not tolerate racism, sexism, ageism or any other approach that demeans others inside or outside an organization.

A Technologist is Independent and Looks for the Best Solution


Technologists are motivated to solve the problem with a cost effective solution that is right for the company at that moment in time. Companies and technology change over time. The trick is aligning a technological solution to companies current needs.

*Since we couldn't say it any better we borrowed from Charles Eaton. See original post here